Monday, June 6, 2011

The Birthday Princess has a Delightful Day

Saturday, June 4th was Claire Juliette's 2nd Birthday and what a fun day we had together!! With my crazy schedule lately, it was so great to have a day devoted just to my little girl. We woke her up and asked her how old she was and she actually answered how we had practiced!! She even tried to show me with her fingers that she was 2 but it looked more like 4 :). Haha. Claire and Aunt Maisy Anne had their favorite breakfast foods: Chocolate Donuts, Watermelon, Scooby Doo Yogurt and O.J. You gotta love little girls :] After breakfast Claire opened up some of her presents including a pink radio flyer tricycle and some new books (She LOVES books). Her favorite book was one from Grammy about a Puppy (She LOVES dogs) and she also loved another one called Rockin' Babies (She LOVES music). After that she opened up some new Buzz and Woody crayons so we had a little art time (She LOVES to draw.... on anything and everything... including herself :). After that we went to Seville and went swimming at the club house. It was a perfect day to soak up the sun, so that's what we did! When we got home everyone was so surprised that Claire had this nice brown tan!! Now what is something that has never been seen in the redhead Merchant Home! Jealousy!!! hah. After a really good nap we took Claire to San Tan Mall where we went to Johnny Rockets with the whole family and Claire's favorite people including: Miranda Morgan, Brittany Johnson and Amy Schweitzer!!! It was so fun to have everyone come! We all drank milkshakes and got up and danced! Haha. Claire loved it. At the end of dinner Claire opened up her favorite present. She got a pretend little maltese dog that walks around and barks... We desperately want a real dog, but we'll have to wait for that one ;). Their is a picture of her kissing and hugging the doggy. At the end of the night we all danced around the house (She LOVES to dance) and we decorated cupcakes. Claire did her own and it was so cute! She went to bed and well lets just say that it was pretty much impossible to wake her up for church the next morning... haha. We probably did way too much for one day, but hey... how often does your princess turn 2? Only once!!! :) I just want to end by saying that I am so grateful that Heavenly Father would trust me to be Claire's mommy even in a very far from perfect circumstance. I can't describe how much joy being a mother brings to my life. I am so blessed to have a little angel that seriously brings a laugh, a tear of joy, a smile and a burst of hope into my life everyday!


  1. Oh Mel, I'm so glad you are blogging! Sounds like a perfect day for Claire bear! I need to get her present to her! :) Can't wait for future posts, maybe I should post on mine too. haha :)

  2. so cute! so happy to see you have a blog now!! you are claire are such dolls :)